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What are the Technologies that can affect the future?

Human beings are affected by the technological breakthroughs.  At the time of this writing, the following are the prominent technologies that will affect human jobs and general experience in life.


  1. Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI technology is accelerating to the extent that many clerical jobs can be automated, but the hype needs to be tempered by being reminded that AI depends on sensors or information points and there can be limit to the amount of information fed into a system, due to limitations in gathering data. Advancement in AI learning process and curation is also essential for the technology to become dominant in usage for solving real world problems.
  2. Transportation Electrification: Transportation systems have for so long dependant on Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosene and other derivatives of petroleum products as energy source. Tesla and many other are pioneering the efforts to transform transportation systems to using electric technology. Tesla per Elon Mush is The World’s First Vertically Integrated Sustainable Energy Company.  See video.


Welcome your suggestions for adding any other technology items to the list.  You can email me or post to comment section.

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