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How to avoid being Greedy and being financial savvy?

Money, most people want it.  Focusing on money too much could cause a person to have a miserable existence and the lack of money could cause a miserable living too.

In this Blog, we will focus on how to avoid greediness, but also be financially savvy.  Biblical principles are utilized and myths destroyed.  Does God want us to be rich or poor?  It depends on you, why? because you have free will.   It has a lot of bearing on what happens after you become rich. Will you strive to be richer and richer for richness sake or will you become lazy and do not contribute to betterment of society or will you uplift the society?

Generally, one can say that Wealthy tames the money, the Rich run after money and the Poor is struggling to find money to meet their needs.

There is even a Fear and Greed Index: https://money.cnn.com/data/fear-and-greed/


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